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Jiangxi Eco-Science Park of Soil and Water Conservation

Background:Soil erosion and water loss is one of the most prominent problems of ecological environment in China, seriously restricting the economic and social sustainable development as well as the ecological civilization construction progress in the vast region of soil erosion and water loss. It is relatively severe in the hilly red soil region of southern China. Jiangxi is the central part of red soil region in southern China, and is also one of the provinces with serious soil and water loss. The then Xingguo County and Ningdu County reveals the severe soil and water loss and adverse working and living conditions in Jiangxi rural areas at that time. So the Eco-science park of soil and water conservation constructed in Jiangxi province is representative and typical. For this purpose, the Jiangxi Institute of Soil and Water Conservation began to construct Jiangxi Eco-Science Park of Soil and Water Conservation in De’an County in the Quaternary red soil erosion area in 2000.

Jiangxi Eco-Science Park of Soil and Water Conservation (Phase I)

Location:Jiangxi Eco-Science Park of Soil and Water Conservation is located in the suburb of De’an county, Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, covering an area of 800 000 m2. It is 70km away from Nanchang City and 50km away from Jiujiang City, adjacent to Lushan Mountain, where transportation is convenient.

Jiangxi Eco-Science Park of Soil and Water Conservation (Phase II)

Construction progress:There are 4 functional zones in the Science Park, namely research and experiment zone, promotion and demonstration zone, popular science teaching zone, and ecological restoration zone. The construction is divided into two phases. The first-phase started in 2000, and the second-phase in 2011. At present, it’s been completed as a whole and put into use.

Popular Science Exhibition Hall and Central Landscape

Yingtan Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station

This experiment station, constructed in 1985, is located in Yujiang County, Jiangxi Province. It is also one of the key member stations of the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) and a key laboratory for the ecology of red soils in Jiangxi Province. It is open to all scientists of various disciplines. The Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station is concerned mainly with important problems dealing with the ecological environment and management technology arising from exploitation and utilization of red soils. It primarily explores (1) the structure, function and productivity of red soil agricultural ecosystems, (2) characteristics of material cycling and energy transformation between red soils and the environment, and (3) relationships among regional resources, the environment, the economy and development rules, in order to provide a scientific basis for decision-making and technical support so as to enhance the ecological environment and sustainable agricultural development in red soil area ecosystems.




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