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About NIT


Nanchang Institute of Technology, under the dual administration of the Ministry of Water Resources and JiangXi Provincial Government,was founded in 1958 when it was  formerly known as JiangXi Institute of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering. In 2004, it was upgraded to the four-year undergraduate institute,with the name changing into Nanchang Institute of Technology. In 2005,NIT was authorized as a bachelor’s degree granting institute. In September 2011, NIT was approved by the Ministry of  Education  be listed in the “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding  Engineers”, and in October 2011 it began to carry out pilot project of cultivating master degree students with the approval of State Council Academic Degree Committee. In the same year, NIT passed the Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment initiated by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, approved by the Headquarters of the General Staff and Ministry of Education, NIT was chosen as the pilot institution for directly enlisting sergeant by Armed Police Hydropower Engineering Troops.

At present, Nanchang Institute of Technology, containing Yao Hu Lake campus and Peng Jiaqiao campus, covers an area of 136.46 hectares with a floor space of about 600,000 square meters. It is the first batch of model units for energy conservation and is awarded as the “Provincial Civilized Unit”and“Provincial Garden Unit”.The total value of teaching instruments and equipment amounts to 138,000,000 Yuan and the school library holds a collection of over 1,300,000 paper books and 1,450,000 electronic books. NIT faculty and staff member total 1200, of which 899 are full-time teachers, among whom there were 274 professors and associate professors, accounting for 30.48% and 649 with master or doctor degrees, accounting for 72.19%. 

Nearly 90 teachers have been awarded the following honors at national level:“Trans-century talent”,“Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution”, “Outstanding Teachers with the State Council Special Allowance”, etc.NIT consists of 14 colleges and departments including Water Conservancy and Ecological Engineering, Civil and Architecture Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering , etc.Today, NIT is striving towards its goal of building a multi-disciplinary, well-rounded university with an emphasis on Engineering while continuing the balanced development of Science, Art, Management, Economics and Law. It has now grown into an university  with the   characteristics of water conservancy.

NIT has six "Twelfth five-year" Key Subjects, one  Provincial Key Laboratory, Provincial University Science and Technology Park, Provincial Key Laboratory of Colleges and Universities, the Provincial Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science , Scientific Research Innovation Team and  State-level Featured Specialty, seven Province-level Featured Specialties, five Provincial Experiment Teaching Demonstration Centers, five Provincial Teaching Groups, four  Provincial  Comprehensive  Reform pilot projects.

There are over 100 full-time postgraduates,18000 four-year undergraduates and three-year college students studying here. Besides, there are more than 1000 students studying in the college of International Education and about 6000 students studying in the college of Further Education. Inspired by its school motto: “acquire knowledge  and achieve continuous self-improvement” and focusing on its engineering majors especially Water Conservancy specialty, NIT, since the foundation in 1958, has cultivated and delivered more than fifty thousand high-quality graduates, who have been making great contributions to social and economic development.(All statistics by March, 2014)




For more information, visit: 
NIT official website :http://www.nit.edu.cn       

Website for Institute of Water Conservancy and Ecological Engineering:http://water.nit.jx.cn/  




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